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UGLEMET LLC manufactures carbon raw materials of serveral grades for ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry.

Carbon raw material is a powder mixture which is used in modern metallurgical production to intensify steelmaking processes.

Applications of the carbon raw materials are those for the electric arc furnace, converter, open-hearth furnace (Siemens-Martin furnace), ladle furnace.

Designated method applied to carbon raw materials is injection (insufflation).

Carbon raw material is a mixture of black shiny shots of a certain fractional composition and size range; it is supplied in granular condition in big bag packages of 850–1000 kg. as agreed with the customer.

Our company offers a wide range of carbon raw material products selected by size and chemical composition to ultimately meet the technical requirements of our customers.

Class size, mm Carbon % Moisture,% Sulfur,% Volatiles,% Ash,%
According to the customer’s requirements: 0 - 15mm Not less than 85% Not more than 2% Less than 1% Less than 2.5% Less than 15%

Technical characteristics of the material vary within the range mentioned above, but are clearly defined and meet individual requirements of a customer, quality certificate.

The use of carbon raw material can significantly improve the economic performance of a metallurgical production. Its physical and chemical properties let this material surpass the substitute products available at the market, such as coke, electrode industry products.

UGLEMET LLC specializes in the production of two types of carbon raw materials:

  • Carbon raw material, with as much of the carbon content as at least 85%;
  • High-carbon material (HCM), with as much of the carbon content as at least 90%.

Our experts are glad to develop an individual product for your company needs email:sales@uglemet.com.